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38 - Barracks - Connaught Place Delhi

38 Barracks at M Block CP, on the outer circle, is a militarily themed restaurant with great food, a good bar, and an awesome singer. The decor is aptly done with the military memorabilia on the walls and the ambiance reflects that too with very close sitting.


I asked the manager to suggest a strong cocktail for me and he suggested Smoky Mape and Boston Beach both of whom were very well prepared. The bar at this place is very well stocked and the bartenders quite knowledgable. If you want drinks with your food, this place is a good choice.

Freak Shakes

I think you can avoid their shakes because this is more of a restaurant than a cafe. Shakes aren't their forte.


Harissa Chicken is a standard Tandoori Chicken Tikka and is one of the best starters to try here. Grilled chicken on skewers was tasty too. I also loved their Paneer Tikka Barrells. The Beetroot ki Galouti was okay and so was the poha crusted hare kebabs. I would say avoid the kebabs and stick with the Paneer Tikka or their very good Mushroom and Corn tarts. 


Lunch was Banjara Chicken Blast, a mildly spiced chicken dish, cooked true Indian style. Along with that, we had Dal Nizami and Biriyani which was good to taste too.


I tried their Baked Rasgulla Pie which was served with vanilla ice cream which was good as far as baked pies go.

Nearest Metro Station - Barakhamba Road and Rajiv Chowk gate no. 4 or 5

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