Shit Happens - Desi Boy in America by Karan Puri - Book Review

Shit Happens is a light hearted novella about a geeky kid Anurag Sinha who lands up in United States with lack of finesse and knowledge about talking to women. Like Anurag Mathur's The Inscrutable Americans, this book also traces a student's journey to unknown lands.

Karan has added wit and humor to his story and the narrative is captivating. You would want to finish this book in a single sitting.

It all starts with Anurag who is not so popular at school getting a scholarship to study at University of Rochester. He falls in love with an all American girl who incidentally loves someone else. A novice in handling relationships, he stumbles along with love in heart and studies in his head.

A great read with some great moments captured in a precise and compact way.

Publisher - Prakash Books
Pages 160


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