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Friday Musings - Of Betrayals and Disappointments

Its been a while since I last blogged and readers have been inquiring as to whats happening.
I last posted here in September, but their had been trouble in life since August. Things peaked up in October and are finally setting down. 

This time has given me more space to introspect as to how easy it is for people to disappoint you. You sometimes don't even expect anything great out of them, and it turns out that they still manage to disappoint you. With their negativism, insecurities, they still manage to scratch your soul and try to harm your inner peace.

I have long believed that its during time such as these you see the real faces of people around you. How many would be happy to be at your side and how many will jump ship, gives you a clarity of what is happening around you.

I seldom expect from people. Humans have a predictable tendency to betray and be thankless for what they gain. I am a positive person who portrays an awful indifference to abuse or hurt. But off late, these negativeness, the jealousies, the anger, has taken a huge toll on me. 

And despite all this, all I can wonder is about those others in a situation like me. The brave who are battling the angst of the World. And still getting up each morning after sleepless nights, to find another set of people turned against them. I wish I could be as good as them at dealing with this World. Or, I was just great at forgetting. Yes, life would be much easier.


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