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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-2

Ohkk so as promised int eh last post am gonna review a blog written by music misery
strange name yes but the blog is titled well... Strange name again probably the author was at loss of words as no description about the title has been mentioned.
Lets check in the stats we have
Blog Title - well...
Blog url -
Author - Musical misery
Genre - Personal
Created - April 2006
The first thing tht surprised me when i was going thru this sleepy blog was tht the author was around 16 years old when she had written this beutiful stuff.I mean such nice expressions and some wonderful uses of words,enchanting.Also miss misery has a very distinct style of someone so young already forms a distinct style its commendable.For example i loved this thing one should surely chek this out,each post is finished with the same style by recalling the lessons learnt during reading tht particular post,i was surprised literally to find such moral lessons even from simple posts like hello
All in all a good of the posts
i really admired was where she points out at ppl always interfering in others affairs
it was really a splendid read.There is a poem
nicely written,and other posts are also fine,basically u should read the full blog
But but but the most disappointing thing in this blog is tht the author has failed to mention any title in most of her posts,and tht really is a bad idea.a title is very important and if the writer consistently avoids using it,i think she is commiting a error,also its difficult for readers to know wats in the write up as long as we dont fully read it.
So even if this blog hasnt been updated for a long time still one should go and chek it out not only for its rich quality of content also the cool ambience it throws upon you.
Next on this series:Euphoria
Happy Blogging


parul said…
coooooolllll man!!!

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