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Vastu tips for kitchens

 Food is one of the three essential things for survival, and having a well-designed kitchen space is crucial for our overall well-being. According to Vastu Shastra, the zone, colours, decor, and placement of items in the kitchen play a significant role in creating positive energy within our homes. Furthermore, a kitchen that follows Vastu Shastra's principles brings abundance and ensures good health for its residents. This article will discuss some Vastu Shastra tips for designing a prosperous kitchen.

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Importance of kitchen in Vastu Shastra

The kitchen represents the fire element, one of the five elements that govern our lives. When used correctly, fire can warm us and enhance our lives positively. However, when misused, it can cause damage. Hence, the kitchen's placement and design are of utmost importance in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra Tips for a Prosperous Kitchen

  1. Kitchen placement: The kitchen should be in the Southeast Zone of the house.
  2. Cooking direction: While cooking, one must face east, and ideally, there should be a window towards the east zone of the kitchen. The morning rays of the sun coming from the East have the ability to kill bacteria and purify food, ensuring good health for the residents.
  3. Water placement: Water can be placed towards the North.
  4. Mixer grinder and appliances: Appliances that involve churning activity, such as the mixer grinder, microwave, and oven, should ideally be placed towards the Southeast of the kitchen.
  5. Refrigerator placement: The refrigerator represents the air element, and hence its placement should be towards the Northwest.
  6. Cabinet placement: All the heavy cabinets that hold heavy utensils should be towards the Southwest.
  7. Elements placement: Water and fire are opposing elements; hence, the washbasin should not be directly opposite the fire or next to it. They should neither be confronting nor attached to each other.
  8. Colours: Keep the colours in the kitchen soft and pastel. Adding bright colours creates more chaotic energies. Please refrain from using black, as it signifies water. Water and fire coming together can create clashing energies.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I have a kitchen in any other zone of the house? 
According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be in the Southeast zone of the house. However, it can be in the Northwest or South zone if you cannot have it in that zone.

Can I use a plastic container to store rice and flour in the kitchen? 
No, use metal containers instead.

 Can I place the refrigerator in any other direction?  The refrigerator represents the air element, so its placement should be towards the Northwest.

Can I have a mirror in the kitchen? 
No, avoid placing a mirror in the kitchen. 

Can I have a washbasin next to the fire? 
No, water and fire are opposing elements, so the washbasin should not be directly opposite the fire or next to it. They should neither be confronting nor attached.


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