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The Bookizie Talks-4

I am back with the 4th part of the bookizie talks [After a cold response to the first three one hehe]
Point one -
New Innovations
For the convenience of readers and members, who aren't able to come on the blog very regularly or those who wish to stay updated...
Can subscribe the blog feeds through the new feature Subscribe added at the Right hand side.

A great Thanks to Alvia for the badges.Those who still haven't got one for their blogs,contact me or alvia.

Point -2
A request.
I would like to request to all members, that a blog member had approached me, citing reasons why she was uncomfortable with the tags and games being played here.Reflecting on her point, i realized,further, i am adding one tag per week.And we are, 32 members. Just realize the volume of posts we will create here.
Better Idea is, do your tags on your personal blogs, those who have one.
This will also clear your dilemma, whom to pass on the tag.On your blog, also you can share your results with your other friends too.This will further strengthen our mission to spread awareness regarding books.
The Links that should be created, i think authors are well aware of.
Those who wish to start a tag, here can do it anytime.One should dish out the best of the book tags for us to relish.
Those who don't have a personal/other blogs, can always find comfort on this blog.No worries on that front.

POint - 3

Best feedback of the week.

The Best feedback for this blog was written by Mr Bharat Iyer
"I hate to be blunt, actually that's a lie. I love it. Your book blog reeks like a steaming, ten foot mound of dogshit.You have pathetic taste in books. You read Mills & Boons for god's sake."
To read the full text of the comment check here...

Miss espera has left the blog.I on behalf of all of us at the reader's paradise,would like to wish her all the best for her future blogging ventures.Lets hope, she keeps in touch.

Sahil Bajaj too has left the blog.

The Solitary writer has joined our blog.I welcome him, and thank him for joining in.

has joined us too.Welcome Ma'am , thank you for joining us.

De-cluttering the blog.
A massive exercise is being carried out to get rid of some flab on the blog.
* Only 5 latest updated personal blogs of members will be shown on the right hand side.The full list shall be hidden.
* All the posts relating to members will be posted in the new label bulletin board.
The labels,meet the members,member birthdays,the bulletin board,the mission will be merged in this label.
* I wont be writing any more birthday wishes,posts.If any other member wishes to volunteer,kindly allot your post to the label bulletin board.
* The label Wild Iris's Quill has been merged with the label tags.
*Instead of creating labels by author names, lets have labels with author's nationality if possible.
We have labels like, Indian Authors, British Authors, American Authors.I have done some work regarding it,on my write ups.
*The Reader's Paradise Best write up contest is facing drought.If members wish to cancel it, please inform me, instead of embarrassing me later.
*The Administrators feel that the post by blog member Max is not related with books.
We all request him, to remove it.
*The following post is being considered for deletion.Nidhi has been approached for permission.
Since she hasn't replied,i will have to rely on your opinions.Do drop them in the comment box.
Hap happ Happp Happppyyy Birthday Nidhi
*Page element Blog archives deleted.You can easily navigate through labels instead of archives.Still inform us, if you liked the archives idea better.
Point-6 Blog Administrators.
For all your concerns feedbacks,and better functioning of the blog i have constituted a team of 5 blog administrators.They Include, Alvia,Pankhuri,Ielphil Raven,Jan and Myself, Tshhar Mangal.
However,since her efforts for the blog were humiliated on her face,Pankhuri has expressed her wish to be relieved of administrative duties.I have asked her to stay on till we find a suitable replacement.Anyone interested???
Any Recommendations???
Jai Sri Ram !!!


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