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beauty creams for MEN

taken up as a challenge..
when this concept of beauty creams for men came was something unusual..but once i read an interview by shenaz hussain who launched this product for men..she said she only startrtd up the fairness cream for men coz many men wrote to her tat wn she is launching products for beauty care n tat too for women ..y not men?????????n thn men'z fairness cream came out in the market..n the no. of sales shoooted up....really strtd usin it n still they r...from college goin--adults..n wats wrong in it?when women have the right to look good feel good..thn y not men?the film actors , models..use it..n we have the answer from the s their job to look good..n FAIR!!!n i say the commoners also have the right to loook good or to say fair..if the female sex is applyin hundreds of face pack..fairness creams..sunscreen lotions to protect their skin n look fair n good..i say y not men?they also wana look good...some say tat men usin fairness sounds funny..some say they r obsessed wd their looks. some say they wana impress the fairer sex..the point is it is not funnny..coz many use fairness creams coz smtmz they gt the feeling i wish i was fair..n this feelin is given to ppl by other y will they not use fairness creams thn...they do n they will..n the product sales r still men usin fairness creams..not a bad thing..u have the right to look the way u want.. but dnt b ashamed of ur skin color..coz th color does not matters..remember beauty lies within!!!!!!!


Tushar Mangl said…
For many years it was supposed that women fell for men more for mental reasons then physical ones.
But the case was opposite with men.

Jai Ho women empowerment ki :P
People will snub me if i say this beauty cream idea is very weird idea.[Being a fair complexioned man myself]

God has given us a certain skin color,we should accept his graciousness as it is.Its not a good idea according to me, to question his decsion of making me white or black.I have my identity because of my principles and ethics.
I wish to draw attention and appreciation through my character and not skin color.

A very well written Post.Kudos to you girl.
Solitary.sailor said…
well said but there are still many people in the world who just want looks and skin fairness while choosing the opposite sex.....true that an individual is identified by his or her moral values and ethics but belive me not every one looks for that at first place...the man(majority of them) obviously will want a fairer sex women may be for girls its not the case....
so there is no harm in having beauty cream in this generation but since our younger generation is getting smarter day by day,the day is not far away when beauty cream idea will be vanished....
My man is already white white
Thank God!!!

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