The spirit of India..

We are the biggest democracy in the world with numerous (i'm not sure if its the most in the world) number of languages and dialects. With extremely varying cultures existing in every corner of the country.

I think its time to remind everybody of the TRUE spirit of India.

"Unity in Diversity"


Unknown said…
This takes me to some very wonderful days of my life. Awesome. Nice blog, I loved the title picture of the blog. Good work. Thanks.

Matangi Mawley said…
nice to see tht again.. i used to watch tht video in dd.. loooooooooooooooong back.. i loved it then.. i still do.. :)
Sushant said…
@Jadu - Thanx :)

@Matangi - Yes it reminded me of the good old time too when we used to watch only DD. And i also realised how patriotic DD was; unlike the commercialism we see now. :)
Kartz said…
Beautiful video... Thanks for the share bro'.

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