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Pack Up your bags Folks

Hear All my wise friends. I think it is time for us to pack up our bags, Apply that visa and run away some where, for the elections to happen in our country are showing some very negative results.

The regional parties are expected to score so well, that you can very expect yet another Deve Gowda, I.K. Gujral or V.P. Singh as your next Prime Minister.

And the credit would be bestowed upon the large National Parties, who are looking so tired, so damm pessimistically sad this election season.

Intellectually bankruptcy is at it is lowest in all sectors across India at the moment and politics and governance are not aloof to this trend. We already saw a trailer in this present government, which first went along the lines of the communists, and then begged and fell to convicted criminals, corrupt politicians, just to sustain their position.

We are not ignorant of what is happening in Pakistan. What started off as a fractured mandate for the Nawaz Sharif's party and slain leader Benazir Bhutto's party, has turned into a murky political battle, thanks to the fact that no one holds the majority in the Parliament thier.

And if there are two men, slugging thier egos out in our neighboring country, in the world's largest democracy, just every leader with little regional presence has laid out his/her prime ministerial ambitions in front of all of us and What will happen when a dozen of such parties and thier leaders combine to form a governement?

I never applied for a passport, as a mark to show what a patriot I am, who will never move out of my country, irrespective of how many flaws it may have.

But if the results come, as they are expected to come, I think I will need to re - draw my future plans.
For, this fighter can fight the system and problems plaguing it, but is no mood of fighting a billion plus population, who are adamant on bringing up doom upon themselves.

Jai Hind!!!


Si_Lee said…
he he he he he ...
tch tch .. are you giving up ??? after all the arguments with me on why i should vote ?? ;)

on a serious note ... people in a democracy get a government they deserve .... always ..
point is tushar .. I despise the political system here and the leaders and the way ppl are but tht still does not make me want to leave the country ... what is between me and my country is and i feel should be independent of what it is for others ... of course add a negative connotation to it and every crime committed against our democracy by these leaders gets justified but i would like to put forth only the positive aspect of the above thought ...
Shiv said…
In my opinion, we are reaching a tipping point. The lowest ebb. The third front has no idealogical common ground except that they are anti BJP and anti congress. This will definitely be their undoing.

Tushar, while most news channels project the third front as parties that will eat into the vote banks of BJP and Congress, let us not forget that in politics, no one is no one's friend. And it is simply that easy to make new friends to forget the old. And Congress knows very well how to buy parties at will.

When a national election is being conducted without even a single national level issue, it stands testimony to the fact that we are reaching the lowest ebb of contemporary world politics. Election 2014 will mark an attitudinal shift in Indian political system. National parties were caught napping this year... and that is why the election is being decided by regional parties. Things are bound to change by 2014, quite a way to go, but hopefully by then, we should have Narendra Modi as PM candidate for BJP, Rahul Gandhi as a weak PM candidate for Congress, Sharad Pawar jooning the 3rd front, and Mayawati also trying her bit. But the most important change will be, the party that wins the elections this year, will truly aim at becoming a national party with presence at regional levels.

43 million new voters have registered this time. BJP is capturing the youth thru effective utilization of technology. Congress is capturing the youth thru Rahul Gandhi and its 'GenNext' leaders. The third front have not accounted for the youth. This elections will change the way politicians approach elections and politics. People will get frustrated and the urge to vote will be even more by 2014.

The important thing here is to not give up. A system cannot be cleansed overnight. To clean a system, we must be aware of the challenges and the crap present in it. To know the crap present, we must enjoy the murkiness of the chess game called Indian Politics. :)
Tushar Mangl said…
@ Sid, I explained ur point in the very last line of the post.

@ Shiv, you are right. But are you sure, that any national party will now come to power ever, with a clear majority? And will thier will not be any chaos with alliances of very selfish leaders?
Si_Lee said…
@ tushar then i guess i misinterpreted your last line :)
Tushar Mangl said…
@ Sid, see
Me can fight the system, as you and me will agree that the system is rotting like any thing in this country.

But the population has propelled the growth of regional politics to a height, where a pandemonium of sorts is just inevitable. So if people are adamant on this, whats the use of fighting with our own???
Shiv said…
The beauty of Indian Politics is its adaptability. I mean, from the days of Emergency to today's coalition dharma, every 5 years, our politics continues to evolve itself. There are way too many issues that are of national importance and which are not being addressed by the national parties. The rural sector was predominantly forgotten by the 'national' parties. I feel the next 5 years, this shall not be the case.

Now, to answer your question, "Am I sure, that any national party will now come to power ever, with a clear majority? "
Yes I am sure there will NOT be any national party in the centre. :) That is why I say, this election, we shall reach our lowest ebb. Money will be exchange just like the Parliament debate for the nuclear deal. And I am sure, the media is waiting like vultures. And this experience (and the lack of readiness by the national parties) will be the first thing they will want to overcome in the subsequent elections.

As far as the third front is concerned, the only thing they can achieve is loot 60-70% of BJP votebank and 30-40% of Congress. And knowing Congress, they will buy back their votes this time. That is ofcourse my opinion, and can be proven wrong.

We cannot avoid regional politics. Not unless the national parties take regional states seriously. And that cycle has been set into motion, albeit, rather late.

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