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A talk on Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very pure word or it can be stated as a very serene feeling within, for women.
But when this word combines with teenage and comes as teenage pregnancy it tends to reflect lots of complications. It showcases difficulties, criticisms, and an eye of losing character by people. Unfortunately all these difficulties, criticisms has to be faced by women only (maximum number of cases).
The environment we live is quite conservative and orthodox. Therefore people act accordingly and it is to some extend reasonable reactions on issues like this.
From decades we all have the mindset, that women can only have a child when she is married and the trend still follows. And maybe it is a very justifying trend and that women are following.
But time changes and as it is said, ‘Change is the essence of life’. Does this change of teenage pregnancy is really an essence? Do people see it with the same respect as comparison to a married pregnancy? And all of us know that answer to this is a big NO. We still are hanging in the great dilemma of how to react or handle all these issues.
These days this teenage pregnancy is so much in talks that now it is becoming day by day so sad situation for all of us, by coming across that, those teenagers are spoiling their lives by taking such rash decisions by not even thinking once.
I myself grown in a conservative family and me a girl have understood the same trend because my environment around is like this. I have always taught the same customs and values which are taught to every Indian Girl, that girl can only become pregnant after she’s married, this is the big responsibility which is taken after marriage only. But our people couldn’t tell clearly why it’s so, why after marriage only? But as we grow up we know the reasons also. It is seen as big crime and a great insult if a girl becoming pregnant before the legality happens of marriage.
But nobody knows, the practical reason behind all this, why it said not to be pregnant before marriage. And the real fact is, in a country like India the marriage legal age is 18 years for girls and 21 for boys. Children at this stage themselves are so very immature that they themselves don’t know what is right and wrong for them to some extent and if they themselves don’t know all this then how can they hold they responsibility of a new born baby.
Everybody is well aware that pregnancy involves a sexual relationship of women and men without taking any safety measures.
As we here are talking about teenager’s pregnancy and from the word only we can make out that these pregnancies happens only if no safety measures are taken and later provides with lot of regret. Here also we can make out from the fact that if they are still so senseless, that they are getting involve in sexual relationships knowing all the cons without any safety measures at this age of teenage then how can they take the big responsibility of being a mother or a father.
Teenage is the age for studying and achieving great goals of life. It is the age of excelling.
But these days, teenagers are getting involved with all these things because of two main reasons, the great pear pressure and of course changing the environment.
But the truth is that all these experiments hold no sensibilities. Rather, they give lots of troubles
It later becomes a burden giving too much of mental and physical stress and a lot of insult from the society. Girl has to go through more of this phase and boys just have to act insensitive and they leave. Sometimes they don’t even bother to take any responsibility and act innocent, and all insults have to be suffered by the girl only, which becomes too annoying and disheartening for the family especially.
Therefore before indulging in any of these kind of behavior teenagers should very well aware of the pros and cons, because there one small mistake can lead to great troubles, not only to them but to their families, their every closed one.
It is said that prevention is better then cure and prevention can only be done if there is awareness.
So this whole idea of the post was to bring some little awareness among us teenagers so they can have better decisions and better future.


Gauri Mathur said…
Heya GM!!!
Well Written!
rishika said…
nice work keep it up! :))))
GigsInTown said…
nice to see u writing on such a topic as its really difficult but some stats and real incident would have add some spice to it. and guys are not that bad but few are but good incident never come out as fast as bad.

regards H
AmIsH said…
ohh boi...what a sensitive topic...i really appreciate this step of awareness for teenagers.the author,like many others are deeply worried abt the vicious sin which now no longer is considered a taboo. i mean teenagers today are forgettin their culture..and trying to adopt this westernised society.
i guess its high time we shud join hands and fight against such social vices together.

..pAnKHuRi.. said…
well done :-))
maintaining the deepness and the serenity of the topic the way you have graciously held the subject calls for a woww..

keep it up..
will visit back soon :-)))

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