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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Voyaging through the blogosphere-21

Been away for a long time...and what a great start in this new year to review this very int resting blog titled 8 by 52 . reviews later
first some brief details about this blog
Blog title - 8 by 52
Blog URL - http://www.eightbyfiftytwo.blogspot.com
Blog Author - 8 by 52 [againnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!]
Genre - Personal
Created - October 2005

If we analyse our lives...and our stories...we would realise that our life is also not less then a bestseller novel.It has all the ingredients...As we flip down the pages of this story of a girl named 8 by 52 [it would have been great if she would have chosen a better pseudo name] the ups and downs,the experiences...it has an mesmerising effect...it was like reading a highly recommendedautobiography...Though the blog has been quite inactive since novemebr yet would recomnd this one to everyone...especially those who are passionate writers or journalists
3 posts that should not be missed are :-
1.The story unfolds [shuld read to know more about the queer blog name]
2.Yesterday once more [reminds one of the days gone by]
3.memories [ i loved the post...dunno why]

So a great read that blog was...
Next we will be going through this blog on tsunami...
Till then
Happy blogging


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