Short Book Meme

26th June,Thursday,12.30 am
This one is from SMS book reviews

1. Total number of Books I Own - Between 200-300. Last time i had counted it had reached somewhere 250 mark i think.

2. The Last Book I Bought - 1)Pride of place - Nicola Thorne
2) A slave to kiss - Anastasia Dubois
3)Crosswinds - Shirley S. Rohde
4) Kim - Rudyard Kipling

3. The Last Book I Read - Playing for keeps by Brooke Hastings

4. Five Books That Mean A lot To Me - 5??? Each and everyone in my collection means a lot to me.No partiality.

5. Tag 5 people
- Shreya Aggarwal,Sanyukta,Sahefa,Susan,sheetal.
Rest,anyone else who wishes to do this short and crisp tag,go ahead, we would love to hear your answers.
Jai Sri Ram !!!
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