Short Book Meme

26th June,Thursday,12.30 am
This one is from SMS book reviews

1. Total number of Books I Own - Between 200-300. Last time i had counted it had reached somewhere 250 mark i think.

2. The Last Book I Bought - 1)Pride of place - Nicola Thorne
2) A slave to kiss - Anastasia Dubois
3)Crosswinds - Shirley S. Rohde
4) Kim - Rudyard Kipling

3. The Last Book I Read - Playing for keeps by Brooke Hastings

4. Five Books That Mean A lot To Me - 5??? Each and everyone in my collection means a lot to me.No partiality.

5. Tag 5 people
- Shreya Aggarwal,Sanyukta,Sahefa,Susan,sheetal.
Rest,anyone else who wishes to do this short and crisp tag,go ahead, we would love to hear your answers.
Jai Sri Ram !!!


Meghna said…
Hi Tshar, Nice blog...wonderful place to visit...I'll keep visiting and reading :)

300! Why don't you open a lending library or something...they are in big demand these least for me :P
Tshhar Mangal said…
THank you so much Meghna.
YOu got to do this tag too :-)
Inform us, whenever you finish it.

Why don't you join us as a co-author??
Do consider the idea.
And ya library, well thats my dream
Here is the link where i wrote about it.
Thanks once again

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