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Happpy Birthdayyy Dreamland

In the Blogosphere,Thousands of blogs are created and deleted everyday.But 30th october
falling in the year 2006 witnessed the creation of a beautifull blog named Dreamland . Being
acquainted with the author aashi isnt the only reason for my being closely attached with this blog.
I have seen it grown literally from its start.And i simply love the poetry.Its the first time i really appreciated,enjoyed reading english poetry.I also remembr the story of this blog's creation but that has been reserved for my memoirs :-) .I would like to use this platform to convey my bes wishes to aashi and wishing Dreamland a very very happy first birthday.
Really i really admire the way aashi's portfolio of blogs has gobe up to 4 the 4 one being a group blog where she plays an imp part.But this being her first blog would always be special.
Also would like to thank God the almighty for giving me a chance to Play a small role in the
As a parting note i would like to quote aashi here when i had asked her about the meaning of insatiable melody the name of this blog's url
"lolz.....well as 4 insatiable melody....well ind'satiable means unsatisfyble......n melody is music or thts just wat it means an unsatified sound.....tryin 2 find its voice"
I think it says a lot about what i wish to convey here
Happy Birthday once again
And congratulations aashi
wish u many many more exciting and great years in this wonderfull blogging world!!!


Sumit said…
ah!! knwing aashi for nearly a yr now.. i must say her blog has really grown... here's to her...

@aashi: i think u shud write a lil on this!!
Aashi said…

thnx a lot tush....

and really ur the only guy who deserves a pat on the back for this...

for those who are interestd.....

tush made dreamland...

it was his baby........... in fct i thot id not create it...

he forced me to the exent of threatning 2 nameit sum crap so tht i can come up with a decent name

so congrats 2 u 2 tush.... :)

@namesake aka sam..
yeh i will once i get my comp @ home.. :( dad's banned it 4 a while... still i sneak in once in a while :P

tc /)
Tushar Mangl said…
well those were really flattering words.But let me clear this
i didnt made dreamland :-)
i was just a source , a lucky one, chosen by the almighty to perform that task...
And ya i admit i forced her :D
but it was fun and all that effort has shown awesome results
And why has ur dad banned ur comp??
That is supposed for children who re studying anyways it was a bad news
Thank you both of you for visitin this blog
God bless yu!!!

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