Happpy Birthdayyy Dreamland

In the Blogosphere,Thousands of blogs are created and deleted everyday.But 30th october
falling in the year 2006 witnessed the creation of a beautifull blog named Dreamland . Being
acquainted with the author aashi isnt the only reason for my being closely attached with this blog.
I have seen it grown literally from its start.And i simply love the poetry.Its the first time i really appreciated,enjoyed reading english poetry.I also remembr the story of this blog's creation but that has been reserved for my memoirs :-) .I would like to use this platform to convey my bes wishes to aashi and wishing Dreamland a very very happy first birthday.
Really i really admire the way aashi's portfolio of blogs has gobe up to 4 the 4 one being a group blog where she plays an imp part.But this being her first blog would always be special.
Also would like to thank God the almighty for giving me a chance to Play a small role in the
As a parting note i would like to quote aashi here when i had asked her about the meaning of insatiable melody the name of this blog's url
"lolz.....well as 4 insatiable melody....well ind'satiable means unsatisfyble......n melody is music or tune......so thts just wat it means an unsatified sound.....tryin 2 find its voice"
I think it says a lot about what i wish to convey here
Happy Birthday once again
And congratulations aashi
wish u many many more exciting and great years in this wonderfull blogging world!!!

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