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Monday, September 24, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-4

i have read countless books,i have collected countless books,action,thrillers ,romance,religious,every genre of books i have read or colllected but autobiographies
are something wich were nevr made for me..atleast thts wat i used to feel.The only books i have left half read were autobiographies.But this autobiographical blog called
Blogging all the way...has really struck a chord .so lets explore in wat this blog has in for us:
Blog title - Blogging all the way...
Blog url -
Author - raam pyari [she has to be pyari for writng so beutifully :-)]
Blog created - june 30 2005
So its been 2 years since this blog has a presence on blogosphere.and i must say its a tremendous achievement.Not only the blog fabalous but also flawless.I really had to study hard to find some mistakes here and there,alas i failed and then succeed in finding small point.Titles are missing in sevral posts.Since the author is on blogger for a long time i think the posts should have been better organised looking at sheer volumes of them.All the posts are worth reading and if u read them consistently it will touch deep into ur heart[it tuched mine]
three things u cannot miss in this blog are :-
2.Of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Nahan and a romantic setting!
3.The GIRL series
All in all a great read...this is one of those blogs i can safely call as highly recomnded

so this time we covered tales of raam pyari
next we will see wat the compulsive confessor has to confess
Till then
Happy blogging


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