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chemistry Love Poetry

Na Chemistry hoti na main Student hota
Na yeh Lab hoti Na Yeh Accident Hota

Abhi Practical main i nazar aik Larki
Sundar thi Naak Us ki Test Tube Jaisi

Baton main Us ki Glucose ki Mithas thi
Sanson main Ether ki Khushboo bhi sath thi

Aankhon se jhalakta tha kuch is Tarah ka Pyaar
Bin Piye hi chaa jata tha Alcohol ka Khumar

Benzene sa hota tha Uski Presence ka Ehsaas
Andharay main hota tha Radium ka Ahsas

Nazrain mileen, reaction howa
Kuch is tarah Love ka Production howa

Lagne lagay Us k Ghar k Chakkar aisay
Nucleus k charon taraf Electron hoon jaisay

Us din hamaray Test ka Confirmation hua
Jab us ke daddy se hamarah Introduction hua

Sun kar mairi baat wo aisay Uchal paray
Ignesium Tube main jaisay Sodium Bharak uthay

Wo bolay, Hosh main aao, Pahchano apni Auwqat
Iron mil nahin sakta kabhi Gold ke saath

Ye sun kar Tuta hamaray Armanon Bhara Beaker
Aur hum Chup rahay Benzeldehyde ka Karwa Ghoont pee ker

Ab us ki yadon kay siwa hamara Kaam chalta nahi hai
Aur Lab main hamaray Dil ke siwa kuch jalta nahi hai

Zindagi ho gayee hai Unsaturated Hydrocarbon ki Tarah
Aur ham phirtay hain Awara Hydrogen ki Tarah


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