Life's a roller coaster...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

voyaging through the blogosphere - 27

Ahh,this voyager series needs a break or a vacation,what say???
So we travel all the way to malaysia to check out this very pretty and lovely blog Life's a roller coaster.
Let me jot down some stats about this blog.
Blog title - Life's a roller coaster...
Blog url -
Blog Author - xiao ni
Genre - personal
Created - June 2007
Firstly,i must say this blog has a nice welcome feel,the roller coaster pic you will see the first,and that quote accompanying it is though provoking.Template is girl and nice,suits the content but the fonts could have been better formatted.The content is personal so no comments on that,except they are though provoking like that opening line.They present a picture of a nice humble down to earth person.Modern,yet so contemporary.
3 posts that i can recommend to fellow bloggers are :-
1. Final Hours reminiscing the past memories
2.should i should i not?
3. I have learn t my lesson the hard way
A good read for young girls i would say.They can relate to it very well.Next we see what treasure has misha in store for us.
Happy blogging

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