Sunday, October 07, 2007

Am a bit confused about this blog called blogsarovar.Ok, it sounds good but what is it all about...

Readers upon reading this blog should write in to give me an answer, let me list out the stats I got

before further telling about this blog.

Blog title-blogsarovar

blog url -

Blog created -December 2006

genre - group blog

Despite its many shortcomings such as not so very good layout and absence of an introduction of this blog...the content is good...and worth spending time on...Also, i noticed that almost every author has been actively participating in this blog...which makes this content more vibrant and more variety is offered to the reader...Also, the use of labeling has been effectively done so makes it easy for navigating through the readers choice of what he or she wants to read.

These people have an opinion on almost every topic...As usual, i pick up 3 of my preferred posts from this blog...

So all in all a nice blog...maybe this is a Sarovar where so many things are floating simultaneously....but the content is good...

Next on voyaging will be

Do comment in your thoughts

Happy blogging!!!


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