Voyaging through the blogosphere-30

Friday, April 04, 2008

voyaging through the blogosphere-30

Everyone who has been following this blog must be aware that i have a special bond with the blog
My musings and dreamland were both created around the same time,and i have no hestiation in admitting that its content is better then mine.
Lets check out the basic details about the blog.
Blog title - Dreamland
Blog Url - http://insatiablemelody.blogspot.com
Blog Author - Aashi Joshi
Genre - Poetry
Created - October 30,2006

A splendid collection of poetry can be found here. The emotions, the writing style , everything seems to be so perfect. However the template could have been modified a bit to make the blog more interactive and reader friendly. Three of my favourite poems from this blog are.
1. You should have told
2. Unfulfilled
3. choices
A great blog for the lovers of poetry.It touches your heart and stirs up those emotions deep inside.
Next up on this series is
Happy blogging!!!


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