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A to Z of me:)

10.00 pm 2nd june 2008
The A to Z of me…Ab is abc to bachpan main padi thi.Yaad kisse hai.pakkao tag lag rha,but i dont feel doing anything,feeling bit low,aaj dinner bi late kar lete hain.Agar sequence main nai hue abc to bolna mat kuch.Avril ke songs chal pade,lets start. For the dumb brains, i am going to write one word,each starting with abc in the alphabetical order,and one line main explain karunga,why i chose that word.

A: Affection - ya, yehi word comes to mind first, for one of my fav alphabets.I am an affectionate person.

B: Bright - i Like bright colors,The bright sun rules my Zodiac Sign. And people say I have a Bright Brain.

C: Chocolate cakes and cookies [3 c hogaye hahaha] I love them.

D: Dreamzzz - Stop dreaming them,start living them, thats my philosophy

E: Enlightenment, the title for my second blog, my mission for life. Enlightenment.

F:Food or foodie, i dont know how to put it. I am fond of eating. Insaan mehnat kis cheez ke liye karta hai??paapi pe ke liye.Kissi ko 2 waqt ki roti khani hai,kissi ko five star main dinner karna hai.Marre jaa rhe khaane ke liye sab ke sab.

G:Grudges ... Dont keep grudges against anyone.Be brave to speak them out. Another Tshhar mangal Philosophy.

H:Hindustan,,,hamara desh, hamari sanskriti,hamari janambhoomi,hamari karambhoomi,yahin janma hun,khwahish to yehi hai, ki aakhri dum bhi yahain tooote.

I: I , main, yeh ahenkaar ki shuruaat hai. But ek right amount of ego hona bhi chahiye. Aisa ayn Rand ki philoshy se seekha. Aur Ram Sharnam se yeh seekha ki ego ko kis tarah kam karke, spiritual path mainc hala jaaye. The best of two totally worlds have merged in my mind, to form a clear picture of I

J: Justification. har cheez ki ek Justification honi chahiye.yeh meri philosphy hai.Jo bhi karta hun main, logic laga ke. faaltu kaam karne keliye bhagwaan ne yahan nai bheja.

K: Kismat....Dimaag aur kismat...sab kuch hai. Kismat nai to dimaagka bi koi fayda nai.Kismat bahut zaroori hai.
Am off for dinner continue this after some time.
10.42. Done. A chicken meal is so wholesome.
L:Ludhiana - My birth city

M: marriage.,,,,,,,,,,,Arrange is better then love.Its imp for it completes you.

N: Name...My name Is tshhar mangal [ Jis class main abc sikhi thi,next cheez yehi sikhayi thi aur isko musical tone main bolke to aur bi majje aate the,hehe]

O: Orange,my favorite color,a great fruit to eat.

P:Punjabiyat,saadi pehchaan, saadi roohi vich vasdi hai khushboo ehdi.

Q: Quizzing, I like quizzing people. I had one trophy the only one ever won,for a gk quiz.

R: Reasons,reasoning. God sent us all on earth for a reason. Gotta finish off the given assignment.

S: Simplicity - the essence of my life.

T: Temperament - soft and sweet.easy going

U: Understanding --- Am an understanding fella, i can understand any prob u facing..from life to death.

V: Vegetation. Sab khtm ho rhi, roads end to end ban rhi,koi mitti ki jageh bach nai rhi aajkal.
Parks,lawns,har jageh concrete has evaded.

W: Worse is yet to be seen.

X: The X- factor....Kuch hota hai,abi yaad nai aarha [ aap comment section main likhdo plz

Y: youth - waste hogaya mera,main jo chahta tha,sab khtm hogaya,haazaron khwahishayn har khwahish pe dum nikle.

Z: zodiacs- I believe a lot in zodiacs, mine is leo. The majestic Zodiac.

25 bloggers i tag 1) Pankhuri 2) Gauri 3)Khusboo 4)Kash 5)Somalee 6)Ankeita 7) Shaista 8) Rashi 9)Alvia 10)Nidhi 11)Sahefa 12) Jan 13) Vimz 14)Shaheen 15)Aashi 16)Sukanya 17)Sheetal
18)Osin 19) Himanshu 20)Khayati 21)Abhilasha 22) Everyone who knows abc 23) Anyone who had the courage to read till this end 24) Any one who ever visited this blog 25) Anyone who feels like re learning abc.


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