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Anything for you ma'am [Tushar Raheja]

There were many reasons..due to which i picked up this book Anything for you ma'am from the library..

*Firstly..The title itself..
Anything for you ma'am
An IITian love story*
*Secondly..the writer..
Tushar Raheja..*
you actually expect keep this book back..on the shelf..after looking at this name..??
* was a
recommendation by a friend standing nearby*

Genre : fiction,comedy,romance

the book :

Tushar, a fourth year student, has written in his book about a Delhi-based boy Tejas who happens to be an IIT student and how he goes across the length of the country to Chennai to meet his love Shreya. He says that you know you are in love when you follow your heart and do anything that your heart commands you to do. In his first book `Anything For You Ma'am' he talks about the kind of hardships one has to face to meet his/her love. He says he has penned down the story in such a way that it would attract the reader..and did.The magic is everywhere i turn my eyes.

In short..Its a story of a boy and a girl, their love, their hopes and despair afcourse, a story of small joys and big blunders. Yes, "Anything For You Ma'am" is a story of what a person would do for his/her love..and is a must read.

Age factor:

you wont believe..what i was discussing with one of my friends who has read this book..i said..whenever ill have a kid..after my marriage afcourse..the first thing thats likely to happen is..ill make him read this book..hehehehhe..why im sharing this is bacause..this book has no age limit..any kiddie..any granny..or re happen to fall in tushar's lovely style of just..says so much yet nothing...

Gifting ideas:

Honestly..the word i want to use is perfect..just 100 bucks it costs..but gives you a memory worth lifetime..I even know..friends like Alvia..who had bought this book,to gift someone..but felt in love with this book..and she still has a tiny space in his heart..which says again and again..*read me again and again..and again*

Thought for the day:

There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read.
~G.K. Chesterton


Espèra said…
I read that book, and it isn't very great.
Since it came after Chetan Bhagat's, the novelty was absent.
It was also a sort of amateur attempt. Not written well.
Espèra said…
But that's just my opinion.

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