How to top exams and enjoy studies[Dhaval Bhatia]

Recently,came in contact with this book through the vedic maths classes..which became one of the most memorable classes of mine..this book is suitable and a must read for all people of no matter what age..the details of this book are as follows :

Publisher: jaico books

Genre: non-fiction

The book : provided me with the right ways to guide myself on the following topics :
*Vedic maths*
*Concentration tips*
*Time management techniques*
*Biorhythm awareness*
*Frequent revision techniques*
*Speed reading*
*Tapping into your subconscious powers*
*Memory techniques*

Age factor : this book is suitable for all ages,but i insist the elders(parents,teachers) to guide the children below the age of 11,due to the mis-understanding and the mis-utilisation of the chapter relating the subconcious powers of mind.

Gifting ideas : This book can be an ideal gift for a person whos still confused about his future,in better words,a person who is yet in the *deciding age*
Also,an ideal gift for kids,who would surely enjoy the funny yet powerful ways of learning,won't cost you much,just Rs.95.

Thought for the day:
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."


jan said…
thank you SOO much...i was looking for vedic maths books for an upcumng exma! this post was very helpful.

there is one more..!!!
a much more detail waali..!!
will give an update soon..!!!!

god bless..!!!
Tshhar Mangal said…
haye ram
girls these days

kaisi kaisi books padti hain


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