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Knock knock

Ok so Alvia asked me to ask any random question to any member of this blog.I must confess,Pankhuri does have some brains to cook up this chain game. :-)

Let me involve Nidhi,the miss inimitable here. Lets knock her door.

So miss nidhi,has to answer this question.

There are several books lined up on a table.You haven't read or heard much about them or their authors.How will you judge which is the best one out of them.You going to call up a friend?The cover of the book is deciding factor?Those lines at the back cover influence your decision?The price tag matters?
So, lets hear how do you judge a book.

After answering this question,you have to ask any random question to any member.
Here are the rules for your reference.
Waiting for an answer.
Jai SRi Ram !!!


oh dear. this is hard. i'll have to think. please give me some time. this looks like so much fun i wanna do it properly.
and *sigh* i so wanna visit every members blog here. can we slow down a bit. i haven't even read all the posts yet.
Tshhar Mangal said…
Sure,i am going to delay all the posts,i had planned to put, till midnight.
Actually many of them need to be copied from my other blog.

And each member's introduction has been classified under the label,meet the members.That will be quite useful to you i guess.

Keep reading !!!
Keep Writing !!!
Pankhuri does have some brains to cook up this chain game. :-)..i to love this line..heheheh..

nice question..i must sayy..
ek time key liye to..main sochti rehh agar main kya answer kartii..

god bless ya guys..
Akriti said…
hey guys...nice 'concept' :), credit goes to you Pankhuri!
Espèra said…
Thanks for the invitation!
Akriti said…
oh you're here too..this is so cool
Tshhar Mangal said…
Who is stopping you from doing it???
Waise bhi nidhi is your super senior,
seniors ka kaam juniors ko karna chahiye,so you have been knocked too.
Chalo write an answer :P

SOme credit goes to me toooooo
Plzzzzzzzz :P :D

@ Espera
Thanks to you madam,for joining us here :-)
Akriti said…
@tshhar : sure!

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