Knock knock

2:42:00 PM

Ok so Alvia asked me to ask any random question to any member of this blog.I must confess,Pankhuri does have some brains to cook up this chain game. :-)

Let me involve Nidhi,the miss inimitable here. Lets knock her door.

So miss nidhi,has to answer this question.

There are several books lined up on a table.You haven't read or heard much about them or their authors.How will you judge which is the best one out of them.You going to call up a friend?The cover of the book is deciding factor?Those lines at the back cover influence your decision?The price tag matters?
So, lets hear how do you judge a book.

After answering this question,you have to ask any random question to any member.
Here are the rules for your reference.
Waiting for an answer.
Jai SRi Ram !!!

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