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My Fav's - Knock Knock!!

ha ha Pankhuri dat Was a really very Cute sensible reply Knock :)

Well again 4 My Turn....since d tym I ve Been knocked by Pankhuri...

write something about your favorite book.."

Well bfre i Move on 2 answer dat...A Prior Notice is dat I m way Too Lazy dan anybdy could Ever Imaginee....lolz...So expectin Me 2 Complete a Book Is Like Next to Impossible...Dats d Way I was Allergic 2 all dose Shakespeare's,Agatha's etc etc Stuff...Den 1 of My Devil mate My frend Made Me Get ds Book "One Night at a call Centre - Chetan bhagat"!! Hmm wen i Opened Found d Lovely Smile Of Chetan Bhagat...aww Loved it :P

So Strted browsin Over it....Woww d Frst Book I ever Completed in My life dat Too Jus In a Matter of 4 hrs...Dats Wer i had Developed a li'l Crush 4 Readin..Dats wer I thought Dat ds Book would Be My Most fav Book....well dat didnt last 4 long!!:P

So Der By Went 2 landmark nd Bought 5.some1 nd Few more Bookz...nd Got few 4m Library too...but Didnt find Everythn Interestin..Not evn Harry potter...i Preferred 2 watch d Movie liesurely :D So dats wen I realised dat My Typo Bukz r Very Few Vch 2 Define r "Bookz written By Indian Young Authors,Humour Filled,Medium sized,Jus 100 buckz,vth gr8 Profile Picz Of d author" ;)

Nd vth Dese Keywords I Found d My Most Fav Book vch is Luckily Supposed 2 b "Anything 4 u Ma'am - Tushar raheja"..D Best Ever Book i ve Ever read...Indeed it isnt surprisin if I say i ve almost fallen in Love Vth D Character Tejas in D story....A cute Love story Filled Vth Humour nd Much More bollywood Masala dat almost takes u into a lovely DDLJ Movie typo Ride...well i m too lazy 2 write abt d Book again Since I Hav written an entire Post Jus abt d Book In My Personal blog Just Like Alvia:) nd as 4 pankhuri Yu No abt d Book Very well as I Do ;)

So Hereby itz a Note dat i would like 2 make it all dose gr8 souls Like Me who r way too Lazy 2 Touch a book ever but deep inside hav a wish 2 read...U can alwayz Go in 4 such Mix Masala Humour Filled Indian Novelz Coz d language used is Choloacial nd Easy relatable 2 our Every Day Chatz!!

well My Knock Nothin 4 Now...will pass d Lovely oppurtunity 2 Tushar 2 ask a qustn :P


Tshhar Mangal said…
Thanks alvia
well your answer was quite descriptive

I think i want to knock knock Nidhi
But lemme think of some weird ques :P


keep writing
Keep reading
tankiuu 4 answeringg..and that too..itney achey seyy..
i too love the book..specially Tejas..heheheheh..

god bless yaa..
keep in touch,,

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