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Shopping Books In New Delhi

As a little kid,almost all my shopping was done from Delhi, and not in Ludhiana.Clothes,games,toys and books,all were purchased from those shops in the central and southern belt of Delhi.
Here are some vague memories of the childhood long gone by and then,coming out of teenage,i once again scoured the streets of the Capital for books not having the faintest idea I would be recalling all of it one day.
Our House in Delhi was located in Greater Kailash Area. SO the G.k. market, was a place we would get most of our storybooks from.Mom dad bought from there,story books,loads of creativity books,
origami kinds,since my sister is a couple of years elder to me,she used to get most of those books,
to be passed on to me one day. One of the series of books, i recall we used to be very excited was
the bournvita quiz contest books.In those days Bournvita quiz contest was a very popular quiz show,and those people used to bring out books i cant recall but maybe there were 10 of them or more.SO whenever we used to visit the place,we used to check if any new edition of the book has come out.
This was the little me,whose mom dad used to buy him books,and that too from Delhi.315 kilometres from home.As i grew up,the teenage was passed by in studies and all crap.But as i was leaving my teens,once again,Delhi it seems called me.Now i could buy books on my own.I get pocket money from parents.Why not research a bit?
SOme excerpts from my adventures of shopping in Delhi,to come soon,
Watch this space :-)
Jai Sri Ram !!!


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