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Spanish Disco

No,this isn't any disco tutorial book,but Erica Orloff's Debut Novel.I got it from the second hand market on June 1 this year,having no idea about the author or the book.

Age Factor - Suitable for people of all ages above 16 years.

Genre - fiction

The book
This 250 page book is about an editor Cassie Hayes,her relationships and her work.What i liked the most about the book was the long distance relationship between Cassie and Micheal,One living in Florida, the other in London. They have never met each other and only seen each other's photographs. Nowadays we all have a little bit of virtual lives where we see such things happening.SO this was a nice read for me. Not a very superb book, but yes a good one.If you are fond of reading light stories,its a good pick.

Gifting ideas
I doubt that you will find this book at the nearest bookstore,but if you find one,its a good gift, for your gal friends.I am not very sure,whether your male friends will love it.Again,no idea about the price tag.

Quote Unquote
“Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.”
Mark Twain


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