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The Writing a para Tag

June.05.2005.4.20 Pm [Transplanted from my personal blog My Musings]
Now i am do obsessed with tags these days,that am now even creating some.Here is a sample.
1. Pick up a book of approx 100 pages
2. Open the book to page 63,page 54 and page 21
3.Randomly,pick out any one sentence from each of these pages,and form a paragraph of 3 sentences, in sequential order,of pages written.
4. Tag as many people as you wish
5. Tell me was it fun or boring,for cautions i will experiment this tag myself.
I have picked this book up. Spanish Disco,i last finished reading.

"If i went to London and things weren't perfect,there was no send or delete button.There were three Christmases I remembered when my mother hadn't yet left,and my father hadn't yet broken down and everything was perfect.With that the brilliant Roland Riggs stood up,bowed to Lou,and walked down to the turquoise,smooth ocean."

hehehe,I think, this makes sense,not bad.It was not that fun writing it but the end product is good.
Every reader of this blog has to do this. My god ,i should have had more lines in this.This sounds so coool.
Members & Readers you got to do this. Asap. Either on your own blog,or this blog itself.In any case inform us.
Jai Sri Ram !!!


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