Ok ok
I am not boasting,but still i got a new nokia 6500 phone
Its so funny.Me simple man,of very simple needs.And here comes this new handset
yes its stylish and most importantly, it looks sophisticated.
And yeh lo
kuch tii tiii ho raha,lemme check
haan,message tha.AB mere purane cell main koi feature nai tha.Centuries ago, ek mobile aaya tha,
mere paas wohi handset tha.
I was quite content, except that i needed a phone with more battery[ My older phone had to be recharged once a day] and a camera.Since i cant afford a digital camera.
Hehehe,mujhe isse dekh dekh hassi aarahi.Heavy hai [pichla wala plastic and rubber body, halka tha]
Yesterday [Monday morning] i went for a haircut [Yeah,champu cut again]
The barber says "You must be gettting a crew cut because of your school restrictions.hehehehehe
SUn lo, eh duniya waalon main abhi abhi skool boy lagta hun yupieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :P
And the best part, he is the first person on the earth who said, "Aapke face pe chotte baal jachte hain"
hehehe.Fix hogaya, ab agar haircut karwaunga ussi barber se. :D
Yeh photo dekho.Sabse pehli photo kheenchi didi ki [my didi's friend, who got the phone from banaglore]
Ladkiyon ki pehli kheencho acha hota hai.
Fir mom dad ki, fir ram naam
and ab meri,i am tired, still achi photo hai not bad.
funny phone.I am not replying to any messages.
Phewww, abhi vibrator band kiya
and dictionary bhi...its so irritating.
and yeh beep bajjti rahegi, to main darr jaata hun :(
Actually am uncomfortable with this color black, and the black keypad.
And yeh kya item phone hai.Baat baat pe lock keypad hojata hai

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