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Honest Mr.Singh

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In a recent editorial,in Hindustan times,Rajdeep Sardesai,who once was my favorite television journalist, describes Mr Manmohan Singh's tenure as a prime minister,free of scandals and a very honest one.It was quite a shocking thing for me. A cabinet minister,Mr. T.R. Balu has proudly declared that he got sifarish, for his son's business, from the prime minister office.Rajdeep's own channel had told us, about 9-10 letters were issued by the so called honest prime minister's office.
I mean, what kind of country are we living in? After crossing heights of sycophancy now the prime minister office is a sifarish ghar. Take away as many letters as u want for sifarish. Yehi aukaat rehgayi hai us institution ki.
And top of it, Senior Journalists like rajdeep, tell us that prime minister has a honest image,is shocking and shameful.
Former president kalam, had done one big blunder in his tenure. Regarding the bihar govt case.
It was Mr. Singh, the prime minister of India,who had mislead the president of India, to do something out of law.I mean u mislead the president, and people think you are a saint.
Kalam's legacy has a permanent black spot, all thanks to Mr. Singh.
Mr. Rajdeep has mellowed with age.He is doing the right thing,interviewing the Kolkata Knightriders. He is better at that task.
We are fooled,because we get fooled. The youth is busy in their playstations,dates,Ipods,computers,politics is a untouchable item.
Wake up India, before its too late. Who knows, one day you have to get a sifarish letter from the PMO to get your child admitted in a school or getting a gas cylinder.
As for those who don't know the meaning of Honesty
Go back to school!!!


Akriti said…
Well I agree with you as far as the 'Sifarish' thing is concerned, it's a national shame. It happens everywhere in our country thats true! but look at the other side, don't you think that Dr. Manmohan Singh has by far been the most uncontroversial (not completely though) among the Prime MInister's we've had? he's not your average 'Vote Me in' politician. That guy has got some sense, he is an intellectual.
Tushar Mangl said…
I disagree here
You see, he is a puppet prime minister.Power lies somewhere else.
Bechara kuch karega, tabhi controversy main rahega.hehehe
Karta hi nai kuch.Its good to have a nice image.He may be an intellectual, but a prime minister needs to be much more then that.

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