The Irresponsible Media

10 years back, we didn't have cable television. We were entertained by the humble Doordashan Channel, watching cartoons, a fixed number of 'good' programs on the TV..there were no hassles. Now the scene is completely different, you have a gazillion News,Cartoon and Movie channels to choose from.Variety is good, I don't complain. However it is apalling to look at the state of News channels on TV. You have the so called 'watchable' channels like NDTV or CNN IBN etc and there is a host of newbies like India TV, IBN 7 etc. which are a piece of crap.

-BREAKING NEWS : Rani Mukherji has broken her thumb (omg thats national crisis), Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan were seen talking!, Is Riteish Deshmukh gay? Then there's one show where a Baba with a laptop tells you some 'mantras' for your cold, or your success in the board exams. This does happen, I'm sure all you of you tune into these channels for some entertainment too!

Take The Aarushi Murder Case, IBN 7 has already come up with the verdict, why does the CBI even bother to investigate then? News channels are cashing in on this so called 'biggest murder mystery ever'. If they run out of news on Aarushi or the Nuke Deal or false sting operations, then guess what! Rakhi Sawant comes in. This happens (sadly) on every single news channel, unfortunate but true. Everything is blown out of proportion, Everything is BREAKING NEWS!! Well, I'm really not aware of the solution to this problem as of now but I thought its worth mentioning it here.

Another thing that has become a habit among all the news channels (or atleast most of them) is blaming and incessently criticising the Government for everything that happens. Aren't we as a society to blame on what's happening around us? have we forgotten the government is 'us' and not a group of people who've descended from the heavens above? Wake up!

Well, thats all for now. Your views on this topic are welcome!
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