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The Nuclear SHam

*OMar Abdullah, The young and Handsome Mp
of the national conference, gave one of the most passionate and best speeches in the parliament on Tuesday.But my point is, he said he will vote with the government because of the Babri Masjid case,
2002 Gujarat riots and the amarnath yatra.
I tried my level best to connect all this with Nuclear energy and its debate but failed.
ALso he voted along with his arch rival the PDP
True, he stood by some convictions of his, but i expect more intelligence from an intelligent and young MP.

* When Vajpayee was the prime minister, I remember, a scam broke out.It was the petrol pump allotment scam.SOmething like that.Our prime minister stands up in the parliament,cancels all allotments, and makes a clear call on the issue,immediately.
Our new prime Minister, Mr egoistic Singh as i refer to him, when saw the bundles of notes being waded around, at least could have stood up and said.
"I will get the matter investigated deep.In the best possible manner."
But he is mr ego. He couldn't say it.My question is, would he have lost a lot if he would have given an assurance to the country immediately.WHo is guilty or not guilty is a secondary issue.

* IN there defense, Amar SIngh calling the MPs as prostitutes of democracy or whatever he was calling, referring again and again to bed and who slept with whom. It was filthy.You say you are a social worker.A social worker doesn't use such language in front of the national Media.
Ahmed Patel, defended himself well.WIth full dignity he addressed the media, and said he is ready to face any inquiries.

* The prime minister is so eager for the nuclear deal,that he never took parliament into confidence for such a crucial pact.Only when his government was in minority he came to the parliament with bought Mps.
On the other hand, The deal will only get passed when the united stated congress passes it.
I think its India which is more democratic country, then why our egoistic PM behaved in such a fashion, when he knew there was a lot of opposition to the deal.Why was he evasive all the time.


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