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Shameful Tuesday

Tuesday,22nd of July, 2008 will be, marked as one of the most shameful days in India's Parliamentary History.
* The most hilarious Moment came when, 3 BJP MP's showed around bundles of currency notes.The Whole world was watching, and maybe laughing, at what was happening inside the most sacred temple of Indian Democracy.

* As expected The prime Minister's Ego won the Trust vote but with lot of insult on Indians and Indian Politics.

* On Monday Evening, the Prime Minister had challenged the opposition to prove allegations of horse trading.They replied wonderfully i feel.

* The Media Channel CNN-IBN's reporter had video-taped the whole deal, where cash was paid to the MP's.

* Rajdeep Sardesai Claimed Moral High ground by handing over the cd to the speaker.He claimed he didn't want to get into a political battle, and let the speaker decide what he wished to do with it.They wont publish the tapes on there channel.

* I agree With Mr Sardesai.His opinion as a journalist is fine.But as an Indian, i want to see those tapes.I feel they should be shown to us. Our Democracy is being mocked around.Please show us more details


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