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Some random thoughts on women empowernment

This were some random thoughts going in my mind.My apologies if anyone's feelings are hurt due to my harsh language.This post has been copied as it is from my musings.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Chitchat


Wish...sumone could reach out to her...and many like her
Point- 2
India tv wale cheeek chillla rahe,delhi main har month,12000 teenagers are getting abortions.
You will say whats new in it? Modern girls, from all walks of life, want sex, as if it is a special pizza of Pizza hut.They know that extra cheese will fatten them up
but still they would devour it.Ek ladka, tenthy kehta hai
6th class ki ladki ne mujhe boldly ake bola, sex ke liye
meri usse hi hello thi.AB ismein bi koi new baat nai.
Main jitn aisi stories padta ya sunta hun,har baar shock sa lagta hai.Is desh ko kya hogaya.Sachi,yeh is ek delhi ki baat nai,puri country main,ye haal hai.
Women empowerment chahiye. Jhande gaddne hain.
No cast bar, no religion or region bar, na hi class bar.
Humein to bas chahiye, majje.Ek ladki bolti, usko drink pila di, maine pili, fir pata nai kya hua,subah apni friend ke ghar pe thi main. Abbey, tu 16 saal ki ladki, kisne kaha evening drinks lene ko boy ke saath.Agar tum usko jan boojh ke opportunity doge,to woh aur kya karega?

Main,bahut logon ki problems sunta hun, orkut pe kayin teenager friends hain meri.Most of them,are like girls standing on the bed sides,tumhe sirf push karna hai halka sa, and the pleasure is all yours.Itni zyada vulenrability bhi sometimes mujhse dekhi nai jaati. Humne itne extreme times dekhe hain.Main,barf pe,subah 6 baje walk ki hui hai.jaan ka khatra rehta tha,fir bhi. Aur yeh hai next generation,baat baat pe fuck fuck fuck chilate rehte hain, fir fuck ho bi jata hai.
Mujhe koi farak nai padta.karo,jitne chahe sex karo.Women empowerment ka morcha buland karo.Men think of sex 90% of thier time, its is said. ab ladkiyaan dikha dengi
they are no less then men.Woh bhi har time sex soch sakti hain.Woh bhi khandaan ki badnaami karwa sakti hai,why only boys, spoil family name? This is injustice, and they are fighting it well.
My congratulations to the fairer sex.
But main keh dun,Jahan physical itna important ho jaye, mental growth will remain stunted.
For in sex,passions are exchanged not intelligence. And if you in your teens, have become sexually obsessed, i not only pity you, but I sympathies with my motherland,For I always knew as a young one, that am the future of this country and i have to achieve something.And these people, drowned in bottles of vodka and Ecstasy of sex, what will they do for my country i wonder,
But i also fear, of the degradation of the social values and intellect in our society.
Oh Lord, the almighty, you are the only scope left to us


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