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The End of the tunnel

Friends, your not so favorite blog,My musings, is going to be killed by its own creator.I wish to inform everyone that two dates 3rd August and 30th October i have finalized.If i am unable to finish this blog uptill 3rd August,then 30th October.I have had a very very special attachment with this blog.I hope you will all support and help me, in ending this thoughts laboratory of mine.
Where i planned and conceptualized novels,books,new blogs,business ventures, relived my past,
wrote poetry,discovered my religion.It was a great learning experience but time to bid goodbye has now come.I also need your support as this blog was an extension, a part of my soul.Its not very easy to cut off your own soul,i have to do it.I cant be weak.

*From now on you will see disappearance of several elements on the blog.

*Daily something would be removed.

*I don't want anyone to come to me and say don't close the blog.When i have taken a decision,i am determined to stand by it.

*I am not vanishing away from the blogosphere.I had one more blog in my mind,but the plans have been canceled,at least for the moment.For other blogs i had some kind of teams in mind who can take over from me.But they are not ready yet,and some people have left.Basically, will remain bit active on the group blogs.

*One of the minute reasons for leaving is that my earlier companions who had insisted that i get into blogging have all gone.

*The Anuj-Nidhi-kriti fiasco has nothing to do with my decision.It was what happened aftermath that fight ,that is the actual reason.

*So as my musings is going away, obituaries anyone???

*This is just so dramatic moment.Wind is blowing outside with full force,rain is pouring in,the sun is setting down and om jai jagdish hare is playing on my media player.From the film purab aur paschim.
10.08 PM

*The Blog list is gone...sorry I wont be visiting any of your blogs.

*All those who are calling me,scrapping me, telling me what to do and what not do, only one request i have for them. If anyone wishes to run this blog, they can take this gift from me.

*Watching the reader's reactions, i feel i should get over with this blog as soon as possible.
3rd August is the best date.Birthdays are never a happy occasion for me, and this time too nothing extraordinary will happen.

*If Someone still wishes to be in touch...Change your blogrolls
and type

*That is my voyaging blog.I have emailed asking Anuj,to help me revitalize that blog.If he never replies,my next stop will be that blog.Its fate will be decided by Anuj.

*Otherwise,you can also,blog roll any of my group blogs.After dwelling well into the matter,
Jagruti,with Akriti at the helm and of sam and others join in, the whole team will be able to set in few months time.
*For Reader's paradise, i had thought, Aashi, Pankhuri or sukanya could have taken over from me.
But inside i always knew Nidhi would be my successor.She had the qualities i needed.She not available, i am looking for someone else, and i have found one girl.Grooming her would be a problem.She cant be groomed by me.So loads of confusions in my mind over that blog.I will have to be vigilant there.
*For enlightenment, well no one is trying hard on that blog.So no team for succession there.

Hence, i will have to continue harder on them, and then by the permission of God, I will exit the blogworld.
Jai Sri Ram!!!


Gauri Mathur said…
plzz aisa mat karoo..plzz maat exit karo blog world..plzz yarr...

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