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Perfect Moment Of Pride

India. Indians. Freedom Struggle. etc etc Honestly i was not one of those Gr8 souls who spent a lot of time Discovering the Greatness Of Our Nation.I was rather one amongst those crowd of Youngsters who thought Majority of Time and thoughts should be rented only 2 Career,Family,Friends,Hangoutz,Masti etc etc..

For the First Time I Felt d Indian Spirit withn Me was when i watched Rang De Basanti..Dat Movie actually stroke a chord In Me...An Equal Effect was rendered By Chak de India... I Realized it 4 d 3rd time when India won T20 wold cup...Sounds Funny...Probably dat was My Kinda Sources Of Nation Spirit :)

And Finally, There came a moment that Made not jus Me But Every Single Indian Proud.

"Ace Shooter Abhinav Bindra has won India’s first-ever solo Olympic Gold Medal. In the Men’s 10M Air rifle event, he shot a 10.8 out of a possible 10.9 in his final shot (after a series of 100, 99, 100, 98, 100 & 99) to take his combined score to 700.5 [Read about the scoring pattern here] and thereby clinch the Gold Medal. "

Wasn't it A Perfect Moment.As Bindra bowed his head to receive the gold medal from the Princess of Lichtenstein, a small country in central Europe, and the Indian national anthem was played out for the first time in this edition of Olympics. I almost got Goosebumps Hearing Our National Anthem Nd viewing The Visual Of It Being Presented at Olympics.

Here The Video Of My Context of Perfect Moment 4 an Indian:

And here Are Few Words From The Golden Boy Himself,

"After his win, the 25-year-old shooter spoke to NDTV.

Excerpts from the interview:

How did he make it possible?

I worked hard, very very hard and I think that paid off. I think I just went for it, it just went my way and that's about it, on another day somebody else would have won it. Today was my day.

What's the feeling now?

I am pretty exhausted now, it's alright I did a good job and I am happy now.

On his motivation level:

That was a motivation, I thought if he can do it, why not me? I think performancewise I did better in Athens, but got the gold only here.

You can never be sure, sports is like a gamble, somebody loses somebody wins, but you work hard for it and I did that.

On his future plans and the future of Indian Sports:

Give me a break, I just won an Olympic gold, please don't ask what I am doing in the future!

The main problem is with such people who ask such questions about Indian sports. You have to believe in your athletes and if you don't win, doesn't matter, you can do it the next time. This is a start and I hope we win many more medals."

Hats Off Abhinav! U've Made all Of Us Proud.U Have become An Ultimate source Of Inspiration. And Ur Attitude Of welcoming Ur Victory was Jus Awesome. Way 2 Go Man..U rock!!

Proud 2 Be an Indian. Jai Hind. Advance Happy Independence day!!


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