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This is something that I've had to do under duress, so here it is :)

The Books You’ve Been Planning To Read For Ages: That usually doesn't happen. But there's a book on Classical Renaissance Tradition that I'm dying to read. There's also another one about the Naxalite movement by this revolutionary called Ajitha

The Books You’ve Been Hunting For Years Without Success: There was this one kiddy book called "The lucky coin". I didn't read it, but it was onee of those pop-up books that I saw at a bookstore. I've been looking for it ever since,but I've been unlucky.

The Books Dealing with Something You’re Working on at the Moment: The Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh deals with the Opium trade.It's very interesting and Historical Fiction really interests me. The other book that is very good is the Enchantress of Florence.It ties up history,literature,art and etymology,all in one book.
The Books You Want To Own So They’ll Be Handy Just In Case: Any book that I'd want to read for a second time. I even photocopy rare books that I can't find in a bookstore

The Books You Could Put Aside Maybe To Read This Summer: Summer's gone. I read a lot of travelogues this summer,though.

The Books You Need To Go With Other Books On Your Shelves: Everything I can lay my hands on.Any reading material. I'd love to own the Mad Magazines and Punch.

The Books That Fill You With Sudden, Inexplicable Curiosity, Not Easily Justified: Psychological Thrillers,Romances,Graphic Novels.

The Books That If You Had More Than One Life You Would Certainly Also Read But Unfortunately Your Days Are Numbered: I think this is a baseless question.
Books Read Long Ago That It’s Now Time To Reread:All the Blytons.


Sri said…
You read a lot and have so many blogs! Real gr8!!!
Tshhar Mangal said…
Even Under "Duress
Reeti has come up with some great answers
Gudie good :-)

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