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About the end of Wuthering Heights.

I know how Ielfphil feels about the end of Wuthering Heights. You rush home clutching the book. You throw yourself into a cozy chair and gobble down your book as fast as you can. In two to four hours or so, all the intrigue is over. No more suspense, no more anticipation. Only a curious sense of depression. You want to scream at the cosmos, 'what do you mean that's it? It's all over?!'

And if the author has had the audacity to Die, like dumb Emily Bronte (very thoughtless and uncivilised of her I always thought!) what is the poor reader to do?

Do I know the feeling?! When I was 12 (in 1976), I finished the last of the Little Women books, Jo's Boys. That was Lousia May Alcott's final chapter in the March family. As she said, 'Let the curtain close.' That was it. All these people that I knew better than I knew my own neighbors, gone. Done. Like they had never existed.

It was horrible; like mass genocide. I was depressed for days. Nothing mattered. Oh yeah, sure I could reread the books. But I would never learn anything new about the family. I had fallen in love with two of the characters, Emil and what's his name. I was keeping an eye on three budding romances. Questions unanswered. Love unrequited. Lives in the balance. And Louisa May Alcott says she done. Fine. Thank you very much. It was very painful.

Just like when you lose a pet. Everyone suggests you find a new one. Hah! Like that will ever happen! Fat chance of finding anything half so good, I thought. Nothing would ever replace the March family for me.

I haven't written an article yet to help poor Ielfphil, but I will. I know the Bronte genre. Here's a guide to help those who are mourning the loss of Harry Potter, however.

Grieving Over End of Harry Potter Series? Take Comfort in These Great Reads
You think now, that you'll never love another as you did Harry Potter. And that may be true. But take some solace in the arms of these great works of fantasy literature while you grieve the end of Harry.


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