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A letter to a Father

Helping my cousin for her holiday's homework, I accidentally created a poem about the curse of dowry. It turned out to be a nice one so I decided to put it up here. It's my first work so I don't feel embarrassed about it being kiddish..

Oh my dear father,
All of my life, you have taken my care,
When ever I needed you, you have always been there.

Now is the time to bid goodbye to your daughter,
But please don't send me away to get slaughter.

The groom's family asks for the dowry that will one day become a curse,
If only they never got satisfied, you will have to keep filling on their purse.

And if you fail to do so oh dear father,
they would either purposely kill or burn me down rather.

Car, jewellery, cash call for a celebration,
Human beings have lost their importance, this is beyond imagination.

Please find me a family, who will love me,
and who will not looking to sell their son for your money.

They will always keep me happy and gay,
And this will make me proudly say..
I love you dear father.

Posted originally at Bare Twaddle


Si_Lee said…
nice....welcome here .. dowry ..aah thats a long lasting issue ... sordid and unfortunately is embedded deeply inside our society ... i guess we need a revolution , a renaissance... hopefully it will come soon
Richa said…
Thank you so much for the welcome..
yeah i too feel highly about these social issues and i feel youth has to fight them all.
But awfully, our youth outside the metros is not very much concerned about it..
Kartz said…
Good one...

Welcome here.
Tushar Mangl said…
This is not your first time at poetry.
Such splendid piece of work.
Welcome to Jagruti :-)
Praveen said…
a gr8 work with a powerful social message. A nice way to step into the jagruti family
Priya Joyce said…
lovely post yaat simply loved it a good way to express the crude reality thorugh a poem niice.
and welcum here
Richa said…
i am so glad to have such a warm welcome here.. and @ Tshhar, yes, it is my first poetry ever :D
and thank you shadows, kartz, praveen, priya and tshhar ofcourse
Gauri Mathur said…
A very innocent one:-)

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