One night @ call center - review

This story is written by Chetan Bhagat.Its a famous novel written by him after five point some one which was an award winning novel.This story depicts a night of 6 call centre employees who end up meeting god in a tragic incident where they are on the verge of death.They recieve a phone call from god and it all begins there.The story showcasts various intimacy between Shyam and Priyanka and Vrooms crush on Esha, the short modern girl.This is a must read book,so every one do read it


Aneesh said…
Is it better than five point some one?
no not at all

5 point some 1 was the best
Vedang said…
actually, im of the opinion that this book pretty much sucks!
Alexis n Roxy! said…
I Dont like chetan bhagat books!
atleast five-point someone was readable!

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