Please ...... take my daughter......I will pay for it!!

So marriages brings a glow to a family. With all sorts of decorations and all we all feel happy at those times. But the biggest agony of girl's parents during the marriages is dowry. The girl's family works hard to make arrangements. The girl's family is often seen with their heads down in front of the boys family. Then if any arrangement, any, like food, decoration etc has some little fault in it then they are often rebuked and insulted by the boy's family. After all they are the boy's family they can do anything huh! .... collars high. Its a shame that we have different status for both the families. Just being a boy's family is enough.... an honour is attached to it. WHY??? It is a big shame for the rich Indian culture.Huh! Even after the girl's family is the one sending their daughter the important member of their family to the boy's house why are they the ones to pay the dowry???? Is it like a price given to keep garbage at someone's house? I know this custom started as a good means to give a share of the family property to the daughter. But now what is its relevance when girls have to be legally given a share of the family property. It should be hers not his and his family's. I have heard of some people who don't educate their daughter's just to save money for dowry and what happens is if there is some tension between the husband and wife then wife is always the one to compromise because she is at his mercy. she cannot go back parents won't accept. I don't really know when will this end.

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