Rock On

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩

Yesterday watched this movie,Rock On.
Its a very hyped and over rated film Basically.So i watched the movie, and found it an average watch.
So many scenes in the film have been so amateurishly shot.Arjun Rampal,has been as usual wasted,despite the fact that he was so very fit for the role of joe.
Farhan has done some good job and so has other actors. The Songs are good, the story, a hotch potch of so many music based film stories of the past [The end reminding me of jhankar beats]
has been presented in an ok ok manner.
So,overall, i will say, its a film you can watch for once at least.The one point where the film scores in a great way, is the moral lesson it imparts. You for once have to stop cribbing for your personal problems and look at the larger picture of people who care for you.
If you haven't watched the film yet,go for it.Its a nice timepass movie.

Do Check out this blog,Its a good one by saturnalia's offspring.

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We have Rudiments of reverence for the human body,but we consider as nosthing the rape of the human mind.
Eric Hoffer,Writer
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