Romance and Cellphones

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.-- Albert Einstein
These days the romance is dependent upon cellphones. Notes of love are exchanged through text messaging,love starts and ends via cellphones. For instance a guy proposes a girl calling up..the affair blooms,the couple reaches the pinnacle but the flowers of love are dried up and the fragrance of love cannot be smelt after sometime because the couple has now had a break up..interestingly via the cellphones have become boon for some- who are continuing in their affair..bane for same - who had a breakup..SO AS IT IS SAID-- AN IDEA CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! for ur good or worse..on top of that the cellphone companies provide packages of free calling and free that you are connected!! LOVE CONNECTS..but here via cellphones!!interesting concept huh?saves your time and people dedicate love cards, romantic songs all through not saying that cellphones should be banned..just saying ..discretion is necessary..n when we talk about TRUE LOVE doesn't need cellphones or internet!one glance of a person may remain with you forever and that is true love..True love doesn't mean union of two means u give your heart without asking for the other person's love.
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