The Upside Down Story

Gentlemen and Ladies
and bald headed babies ;
I've come before you
To stand behind you.
I've go to tell you something
About which I know nothing.
This is about a Gent's meeting
Which is for Ladies only.
Admission is free but please pay at the door
take a Chair and sit on the floor
And this is how I begin my upside down story.
One sunny day at night
Two dead boys began to fight
They picked up their swords and shot each other.
two deaf and dumb girls heard the noise
And shouted "Murder!Murder!"
A deaf policeman heard the noise
And shot the two dead boys!
If you don't believe my lies are true
You can ask the blind man ;
He saw it too!!

Hey there everyone!
Well, this is my way of Welcoming you to this blog...!
Just speak out your mind here...No matter how much of nonsense you write...
"Just Vent It Out!"

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