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World..through my eyes...

I am just Seventeen. An adolescent. I do not wish to grow up faster and be an adult. My parents do!! My teachers want me to grow up even faster, finish my studies and earn for myself. My parents want me to be successful. Every parent wants that for the child. My elder brother wants me to be a better human being than him. My friends want me to accompany them in every other get-together! My boyfriend wants me to call him everyday and spend more time with him. What do I want?? What are my expectations from myself?? Do I exist only to live for people who care about me??

As I logged in to my dashboard, I was clear, I had to post in Jagruti. But what I'm going to write about was still doubtful!! So I played some songs, sipped through my flavored hot milk and recalled whatever I did at school today!! I am not any other adolescent trying to prove her point in a public forum, that teenagers are not understood by anyone. Well, I disagree with that. My mom understands me, so does my brother and father. My friends sometimes fail to do so. But almost everyone understands me fairly well. My point of concern here is that we are being pressurized so much, by everyone. And everyone includes ourselves as well. I still have a long long way to go to understand the complexities of life. I'm not unaware of the cut-throat competition I'll be facing once I pass out of my class twelve. Neither do I not know how difficult it is to maintain your standards. There still lies a huge BUT!!

The first period started with Accountancy. The teacher screamed at the top of his voice. He wanted to check the ten questions he gave as homework from the chapter financial statements, with adjustments (and it is difficult). Those who hadn't done it (count me out) were scolded pretty badly. He then started his immortal lecture on "balance between studies and activities". I still think about his contradicting statement. He said, "You people are studying in DPS, you have to take part in activities. It helps in your holistic development. But, you should not neglect studies. " What I found contradicting here was that on one hand he is ordering us to take part in school activities and on the other hand, he is scolding us for not doing the homework. How the hell will we do it we have to be present even on Saturdays and Sundays, just because we accidentally took part in the ballet!! I was only listening to him.

I feel that not only the school and parents are responsible for adolescents feeling pressurized, it is teenagers themselves. If you know you cannot handle multi-tasking at school, what's the bloody point in participating in possibly everything?? Valid question!! I have the answer.
Class eleven is almost ending and I took part in uncountable things. My studies were affected, big time. Partly due to school participation and partly due to some unavoidable reasons, personally. I very well knew I wouldn't be able to handle so much stress...If I had debate this Friday, then I had declamation competition on Thursday and even had MUN on the weekend. I, then had to prepare the compere for the valedictory function. I had to speak in the Drug Sensitization workshop. All of this happened in a span of two continuous months. Two months before my half-yearly exams. The result was the lowest in my life. Mom was upset, dad was worried, bro was angry!! All of them told me to learn time management and what not. I did not participate in a few things here and there. And then, suddenly, I get the news of this chic trying to over power me by taking parts in dramas and street plays and what not. I was tensed. Very tensed. I had working my ass off all through the year to become the next head girl. And this chic, by taking part in one drama over powers my presence. Two words...It Sucks!!

Isn't this pressure?? Why do I want to be a head girl?? Why in this world, do I need to be a leader?? Why not?? Aren't we taught to lead the way?? Aren't we taught that we should always look and walk ahead?? Then, why these questions?? My mom once told me that she was the head girl in her school and also that she sees her reflection in me!! Isn't that reason enough for me to prove her right?? And, at the end of the day, we are still being judged on the number of "A" grades on our report cards.

I'm not Aamir Khan and I don't intend to make another Taare Zameen Par. But it is a fact, till we don't achieve something that is acceptable by the so-called "Gods" of our society, we'd be pressurized. Be it at school, college, job or even Roadies!! We have to prove our existence. Why?? Isn't it said..those who are great, need not prove it...Nope!! That's not acceptable. If you're good enough, prove it!!

If today I'm writing to feel "un-pressurized", it is my way of de-stressing myself. But while I'm writing, all goes in my mind is that I have to prepare for the exchange program, have to do my homework, prepare my dance routine and cook dinner. And mind it, that's a 17 year old speaking!!


Pressure is difficult yes.. and yet learning to handle pressure is what would make you successful :)

Learn to say no to some of the activity..

its better to stick to one activity and do good than to many activities and feel the pressure no?
Richa said…
its not juz the teenages, but pressure is present in every aspect of life. okay, i agree, teenages are pressurised, but juz give it a thought- wen u pass out, ull have a good job, pressure of performance, then pressure of provin yourself, in relationships- pressure..

but ths a part of life..
dun worry, everything ill b all ryt, u ll learn handling pressure n then life will ball good..

Cheer up!!
Tushar Mangl said…
I always say that the education system is crap in our country.
Utter Crap.

But the moral of the story is,
you will always be pressurized by several issues at all points of your life.

SO in a sense you are being prepared to enter into your womanhood well equipped.

But then there is a fact the pressure u feel is not the one others have thrown on you, but whatever you have imposed on yourself.

Great issue to point at.
Si_Lee said…
Interesting .. do you know one main reason for pressure on teenager s or ppl in general .. ? It's the act of comparison .. you are always compared with someone else out there due to which u develop an inner urge to be something u might not hv wanted to be in the absence of that comparison ...
here's a tip .. i hv personally followed it .. If i compare myself to tendulkar in cricket i need to feel inferior .. but i maybe the tendulkar in anything that i am really good at while tendulkar may suck at it .. so clear ur mind of the world around you .. look at what u want to be and set standards for that and compete against them ... for wen it is in the field u r interested in it no longer remains pressure instead turns into an actuator ... so try turning it around in ur favor ...
Priya Joyce said…
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Sushant said…
Risha is correct.. in today's world pressure is everything. you have to learn to cope under pressure. That is the primary need for success.

Dont try to do everything. there is no need to be an over-achiever. Dont participate in all the available activites. You have to find a balance between participation and studies as you have to be successful in both so participate just enough to be sucessful.

And lastly, you dont have to make everybody happy, what you should do is feel happy that is most imprtant.
Mayank said…
Great observation dear fellow.....

Bahut aage tak jayenge Aap.....
Akansha Agrawal said…
I think people here have mostly left preachy comments...

And since I hate to preach (irrespective of whether I follow it or not) I just want to say one thing... What you are experiencing, everybody has, at some or the other point! And all of us here have, coz most of us have had this exact routine... I had it too and I still have it, and I know it sucks!!!

But ask yourself, only for your sake, if not this, then what? And if this, then why? You want to be a head girl? Be one because you believe you have the ability to be one, not because your mom was one. You want to go in for ballet? Do, but because you enjoy doing so. You want to go in for multiple activities? Do, but only if you enjoy doing it! It won't remove pressure, but it won't be external pressure any longer, it would just be a 'will', something that makes you do it because you want to, not coz you have to... And marks, well nobody remembers what you scored in that one test in 11 std. once you've proved your mettle to the world, but yes, your goal has to be clear in life...

So best of luck!
Hope this helped... :)
Kartz said…
Hmmm... Pressure. All of us face it, don't we.

How I handle it? Well... It depends on how I define "success". To me, success is being content at having achieved a set goal.

My only competitor is the self. Not anyone else. So, when going about a task, I strive to go one better than a previous attempt.

As 'dts' pointed out, find out what you are good at and use it to up the ante when the chips are down.

Time management... Easier said than done. But it is possible. Once you strike that balance, everything else will be a cinch.

Bonne chance.

Shruti said…
Thanks everyone for the great response...
And I'll consider each and every comment...
Thanks once again
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