Morality a conundrum, i say!

I thought assault was a criminal offence and i also thought Lord Rama was a just and fair king who never deliberately imposed himself on others. So then why is this stupid party who call themselves Sri Rama Sena imposing themselves on others and attacking girls. In India we have a heritage of non-violence against girls. We have a heritage of respecting the female sex, protecting them and upholding their virue; then why are these right-wing fundamentalist parties doing the exact opposite?

Is Mr. Mutalik so insecure threatened that he goes out and attacks girls who only want some relaxation and enjoy time? He says girls drinking wine is not the culture of India, then Mr. Mutalik what is the culture of India? Let me answer that, India does not have a culture of her own. She has always adapted to the culture of the current times over the thousands of years she has existed. She adapted when the rajputs and Hindus ruled the country, she adapted towards Islam when the Mulsim kings ruled  and had a separate culture when Akbar was king, she also adapted to the modern times when the British ruled the country. Freedom and right to live as how each Indian wants, is the culture of India. India never had a culture where rights were imposed on others. The current times dictate that every individual is free to choose how HE/SHE wants to live HIS/HER life. If HE/SHE wants to drink alcohol then HE/SHE has a right to go and drink alcohol. You "Sri Rama Sena Party" have no right to interfere in the lives of others.

Sri Rama Sena Party has also threatened dire consequences if lovers want to celebrate their love on the globally declared and accepted most romantic day of St. Valentines Day. Why have you done that? Is that not the culture of India? Let me tell you that it is. Lord Krishna celebrated his love for Radha. He had a girlfriend. You have named your party after Lord Rama, let me tell you he also had a girlfriend Lady Sita. He too was in love. So Mr. Mutalik don't go about saying its not in the culture of India. Why do you go about shouting that couples cant hang out together? well if they cant then you too cant; you should not be seen in public with your wife and this goes for all the parties including the people in J&K who say guys and girls should not hang out together. I dont understand why these parties want to kill humans so fast!! I fear the day when these parties become popular, the reproduction and propagation of Humans as a species will stop and we will simply die out! Sheesh talk about hypocrites!

These kind of people and parties are mostly looking for their 5 minutes of fame rather than achieving something good and constructive. They are destructive and can only offer destructive criticism rather than doing good for the people. Mr. Mutalik if you havent noticed India is still plagued by POVERTY and ILLITERACY which are REAL SOCIAL PROBLEMS and you should divert your resources towards correcting them rather than trying to stop the propagation of the species. Girls and boys in love is NOT a social problem in fact it is a good thing atleast it will ensure that more children will be born and hopefully children who can accept and celebrate individuality.

To the audience reading this: These parties and people are a black spot on democracy and are dictators worse than Hitler. They are tramping on our fundamental rights as individuals and should be shot dead like any other terrorist. We all stood up when the Mumbai attack took place and i call on everybody to organise another massive movement across the country to put a ban on the Moral Policing. These people have absolutely NO authority in saying how or how not we should live our lives. Let us young people gather and raise our voices against these people. We are the future and how our future turns out is in our hands. The oldies of these countries are becoming senile and now its time for us to rise and revolutionise this country into a model to be followed.

I call on everybody here and reading this to join hands and start a revolution to teach India to celebrate individuality and reinstate every person's, every dog's and every other animal's except the right wing people's fundamental right to live HIS/HER life in a way that HE/SHE wants to live.

I am tired of this moral policing. I'm tired of all the communal disharmony. I'm tired of everybody and anybody rising up and questioning how a person wants to live HIS/HER life.. It makes me think that Indians have become degenerate beasts. 

On this blog we talk, talk and talk.. BUT WHAT DO WE DO? will talking and fussing amongst ourselves solve anything? No, its time we did something.. its time we became more proactive and raised our voices. Its time we stood up and tell the people of India to let the past be the past and to change according to the times.
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