Mr. Bin Laden.....With Love From Tara

Dear Mr. Bin Laden

Hi. My name is Tara. I'm 8 years old. I live in India. I'm writing this letter to you because I read about you in the newspaper.

The newspaper used many big words. I asked my papa about it. My papa works in a big office. He said that you made wars and killed people. I asked him why ? Papa smiled and said I won't understand. I like it when my papa smiles.

I wanted to ask you why ? But I think you'll also not tell me why. I'm a very small short girl. Papa calls me his little bumblebee. He says all papas have special names for their little girls. What is your daughter's special name ?

I don't like it when people hit each other. When Mehul hit Rohit in school, blood came out. Then Mehul and Rohit were crying, even though they are boys. Madhu ma'am was very angry. Then she told us not to hit anybody. She says it is wrong. Did your class teacher forget to tell you ?

When I told papa about it, he looked sad. He said life was too precious to waste. Then he started talking about Mumma. I don't remember Mumma very much. She died when I was a baby. Madhu ma'am says you feel bad when someone you love dies. I saw a movie where a lady was crying while a man was dying. Sometimes I feel sad about Mumma. I wish she was still here. But papa and granny say they are enough for me. But I still love my Mumma. I just wish she could come to PTA meeting like Sonia's mother.

I saw people crying and shouting on T.V. Papa said it was because of you. You shouldn't make people cry. I don't like to cry, even if papa gives me an ice-cream afterwards. Why do you kill people ? Does it help your friends ? I'm sure there are people who love those people who died, and I'm sure they feel very bad. I know papa feels very bad when we talk about Mumma. I don't want people to be sad like him. That is not how you should live life.

I read in my book that God created all men and women to be happy. He/She is a big man/woman who lives in the sky and watches everything. That is why you should not do wrong things, because God will punish you. Are you God and my God different ? Papa says that you pray differently. But that does not mean that the big man/woman in the sky looks different too ? Granny gets very angry when I ask her about this.

I have decided that in my life I will never do anything wrong. That you can never be punished. Isn't that clever of me ? Papa says it is. I think it would be good for you too.

It is raining outside today, after a long time. Everybody was really happy, because it was very hot. I was also very happy, like when I got what I want, after a long time. It's a very nice feeling. Do you know that feeling ? I don't mind the thunder or lightening also !

I saw two planes in the TV. When they were flying, they made a sound like the thunder outside. Then there was a flash. And then there was a lot of smoke and the houses were gone. The news lady says that this was happening in Afghanistan because of Mr. Bush and you. She said that the people in Afghanistan wanted peace a lot. Can you and Mr. Bush please give it to them ?

I'm sure it would make them very happy. I know that it makes you also happy when you give people something that they really want. Don't you feel sad that people are dying ?

Don't you want to be happy ?

At night, when papa and I were praying, I said your name. Papa asked me why ? I said it was because I thought you needed it. Papa said yes, praying for people gives them strength. So we prayed for you. Then I asked, why didn't anybody pray for Mumma ? Maybe she wouldn't come back, and we should pray that other people shouldn't die like that.

So, I prayed that other children's papa and Mumma shouldn't go away. Children really need their Papas and Mummas.

But maybe God won't listen to me. He/She took my Mumma away, didn't He/She ? So I'm writing this letter to you. If you stop making wars, dropping bombs and killing people, kids like me will have both their papa and Mumma. It's much better than one Papa.

So, I want you to stop war, and give peace to the people. You will feel good then, because you will make people happy. you should also do good things in life, because then God will not punish you.

With love


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