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V-Day Notice... ;)

I guess all of you would be aware of this by now... There is a campaign on, a la Gandhigiri style! To know more, go here - 

As quoted from the page - 
The Pink Chaddi Campaign kicked off on 5 February 2009 to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. The campaign is growing exponentially (4,500 at this point in the life of our Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women) and that is not surprising. Most women in this country have enough curbs on their lives without a whole new franchise cashing in with their bully-boy tactics. Of course, a lot of men have joined the group as well.

Facebookers can join the campaign at -  

For right now, ask not what Dr VS Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka can do for you. Ask what you can do for him. Here is his blog. Send him some love.

Good day, folks. ;) Love is in the air... Oooh la la! ;D



Unknown said…
I am sending one for sure :D :D
After all, they are ruining my weekend Bangalore trip!!! :-X

P.S: I shud get credits for directing u to this one :P :P
Richa said…
i m a part already :D
Kartz said…
@Diva - Do I know you? ;P

@Richa - ;D
People talk so much about liberty and freedom of choice and relate it to this issue. How many of you know the statistics relating to drug and alcohol addiction caused by pub culture? How many of you know that more than 40% of those visiting pubs in Delhi and mumbai are below the age of 18? Have anyone of you ever thought about fighting against this illegality? Do you know how many teens lose their lives due to drug addiction caused by this pub culture. These pubs function as a haven for drug peddlers and pimps and every person who has ever visited a pub knows this fact. Why do we then promote such a menace. I don't support the method that these goons use but certainly I support their cause!
Praveen said…
am also planning to send a dozen:P
Sushant said…
Oh its finally up!! good job Kartz! As i was telling Sid.. come on people lets kick this guy's ass.. ofcourse Gandhigiri style! :)
Si_Lee said…
@ twisted elegance

Are you suggesting then to put a curb on it ??? One more stat .. of the aids affected population in India what % are in the rural areas , which btw are still conservative ?? It might or might not surprise you.. but i often use this to show that the real issues here are about the perversity of one's will. Now as a part of a society you cannot be free . you are bound by rules .. but at the same time there are a limit to these rules sir .. something like alcohol and it's ill effects can't be linked to pubs .. not the entirely infact not even majorly .. you trying to say liquor poisoning deaths are a new phenomenon or the illnesses it causes ???

However the agitation here is about why do you want to dictate what culture is to me .. ? why impose it on me ?? culture is one of those few things in life which has a value only if followed by will and heart not a stick ...

I mean i go to pubs once or maybe twice a month .. big deal man .. I am not a drunkard nor are the other people who go out with me .. those who have to go down that path of misery will ... ban or no ban
The problem here is that minor boys and girls are being recklessly allowed by these pub owners for their own profit but not a single person agitating now came forward to give a word about it. Why this agitation now? Are these people not highly prejudiced and selfish about their interests. They wanna drink and enjoy and so they don't care about whats happening in the society. Is this the right attitude? There are so many other pressing issues in the society that needs care but why is it that these people care a damn about those issue but fight for going to pubs and drinking and dancing?
Si_Lee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Si_Lee said…
if pub owners are doing that enforce the law .. it is there for a reason .. worse beat up the pub owner .. though i wudnt recommend it .. and dude .. what is the problem you quote here ?? the fact that people are protesting ? or the fact that when they dont protest for other things why this ???

secondly .. dont you think you are generalising a lot by saying these ppl dn give a damn .. i mean do you know these 4500 people .. ?
thirdly ppl do protest and express there views only this thing is being noticed because media is sensationalising it .. in a country of billion ppl a=nd 60+% of the population below 35 4500 is nothing not even a drop... so really when ppl protest for other things the media does find it worth sensationalising ..
lets not make the mistake of formulating generalised opinions on people ..
Nobody is formulating a generalized opinion my is for everyone to see. How do you expect these same people who go dance and drink everyday in these pubs to protest against the same pubs for allowing minors? Most pub goers wouldn't even think about this when they are enjoying there with their glasses filled with alcohol and their eyes filled with scantly dressed women. Why is it so hard for you to understand that we as Indians have certain values which are being compromised. I am not trying to say that we all become sadhus and go live in the forest, but at least we can try to maintain the dignity of our culture. Whether this happens in a rural area or in the urban metros, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that we must have a commitment to make sure that this corruption of minor teens does not happen. Let me as you this directly. You told me you visit pubs once in a while. Have you ever, at least once, thought about whether the young girl standing next to you is a minor or not? ever? The answer is a sure shot no.
I am not for mob culture. I absolutely hate goons taking law into their hands. I am not a supporter of these violent, extremist, politically motivated nuisance creators. I want them booked and put behind bars for the rest of their lives. But i just cannot stand people fighting for something that does more bad than good. I don't care about adults going to pubs. They have the right of choice. But understand that Indian culture has its own originality and uniqueness and it only hurts me that we are following this useless pub culture without a second thought!
Akansha Agrawal said…
I love this movement... ;)
Si_Lee said…
the pubs i go to dont allow minor boys let alone girls .. anyway thats th case in hyd .. i cannot vouch for other cities and in all probability yes that must be happening .. and culture's dignity ??? ok prostitution is a part of our culture , so is dowry so is sati, so is the caste system, so is womens' degradation, and so on .. dont twist things ... in our culture it was common for woman to smoke hookah until only a few 150 years back ... in the cold areas ..
Our culture for one has been one which has constatly changed .. that has been its trademark .. dont force it .. i am nt against my culture .. anyway we are digressinh on to a wole new issue .. as long as we both agree that mob'ism is wrong we are done here .. we will take up culture and stuff .. why dont we have a post from you .. that would make it better .. and i have alredy postd my views on culture a jagruti .. you cud go thru it ..

:) enjoyed the discussion though
kanagu said…
I am planning to send Kartz :)

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