The Idioticity of the Words Secularism & Communalism In India

Apologies for such a long title and Greetings to all of you on the occasion of Baisakhi (Belated).

One of the most absurd debates and discussions held on any front or medium is about Communalism and Secularism in India and in Indian politics.

I say, in a country where Hindu shrines are managed and run by the Indian Government and Muslims get subsidy for their pilgrimages, why on this land, they mentioned Secularism in the Preamble of the constitution?
Maybe because it looked good and cool there? Because secularism would mean, complete disassociation of religion by the government.

Since polls are around in India, I will bring up the political debate here.
It's the most stupidest thing we do to debate on religious issues in relation with the Political parties.
Which Political Party except the Left I guess, can truly stand up and say I am Secular, in the true sense of the word???
The BJP will have no answer on the Godhra Riots of 2002
The Congress will have no answer as to why under the aegis of their party banner, its men slaughtered Sikhs in 1984.
The Samajwadi Party can or I bettwe say should never should explain why it has mentioned reservations for Muslims, in it's Election Manifesto for the coming election.

No one here, except Left I guess, can claim morality here. If you tell me that what Varun Gandhi may have really spoken those words, then I will ask you, Why is the Congress Party begging to Sikh Voters in Punjab to vote for a Sikh Prime Minister. I mean, is that the criteria to choose a P.M.? Set by a nationalist party? And you tell me that, this party is more secular?

True, we all can criticize the B.J.P for say, the Babri Masjid, but can we shy away from the fact that the in the Congress allies' list, there is a party called the Muslim League, and then there is the DMK, who does not want us to believe in Lord Ram?

So I say, this debate or discussion will be infinite, because every house here is made of glass, you throw stones and only shattering will happen. Nobody will win, and only India will lose.

In conclusion, I can say that it is the Congress, that is coming out to be the worst in terms of religious issues this election season. Modi has turned away to development and Advani wants a Ram Temple, but with consensus. Congress, first gets that clean chit for Tytler, when witnesses are speaking up openly against him in the press. Then they alot ticket to him and Sajjan Kumar, and when they take it back, they claim high level of morality or values. Then acting like true hypocrytes, they go on asking votes to Sikhs for a Sikh P.M.

I mean, it is high time, we drop down the word Secualrism. Who is secular here? Worse, how much it is mattering people?
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