Space Anyone?

Every individual has their own space and it is the space that has to be respected in order for a healthy relationship or atmosphere. wondering why my sudden obsession with space? well i got into an argument with mom and that reemphasized just how important space is in our lives.

When a child is being born there he/she should be nurtured and guided but once the child crosses his/her teens she should be trusted enough to make the right choices if required she can be suggested on the things she is doing, but not directly taking over his/her life and their making decisions. india it is not uncommon to hear parents exclaim "for me no matter how old you are, you will remain my baby to me" this may sound soo endearing to most but has a negative impact otherwise. once a child grows up, she should be given her space to be who she/he wants to be and what she wants to do. it is this lack of space, that often leads to the elders disrespecting the young adults that leads to so much strife within the family.

Now you will tell me why should elders respect their children? well respect is not something you demand but your attitude should be such that your personality should command respect. if we all respect one another, irrespective of age, then live is much smoother. being elders or parents it is difficult for them to appreciate or understand the youth because of their different ways, so instead that go about trying to change them. but instead if they respected the younger generation for who and what they are then things would have been much easier. it is applicable to youth respecting the elders too. if there is mutual respect and scope of space then this so called generation gap would not exist.

And this is not just applicable to parent-child relationship but to friendships, marriages and relationships too.i hope people are able to accept and appreciate each owns' want of space and respect them for everything that they are and everything that they are not.
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