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the book is again a thriller,full of suspense which keeps us rooted till the last consists of the hit sheldon formula...suspense,drama and sex in the accurate proportions.
its about a soul heir to a billion worth pharmaceutical company...a young girl called elizabeth roffe.. and the only daughter to sam roffe.. the current owner of the rhys williams..a help to sam roffe...most trusted..really efficient man finds out about sam roffes death due to a fall during mountain climbing..he sends out a notice to all the board members and stock holders of the company..that is..all the its a privately owned stock goes out of the family tree...untill sam dies and the whole company management starts to tumble down...with this everyone at the board presses elizabeth to make the company public by selling the privately owned stocks...some out of pure neccesity of money..some out of greed..but who goes beyond the lines to ensure another make the company go public??who is desperate enough for money to kill again???find out for yourself...HAPPY READING.!!!!


Tushar Mangl said…
Of all the Sidney Sheldon books I have read till date, Bloodline happens to be one of my fav.
Psych Babbler said…
I've read almost all Sidney Sheldon books. Bloodline was good but not the best for me. If you enjoyed Bloodline, I'd recommend reading 'Tell me your dreams', 'Rage of Angels' and there were a couple that were a two part book (can't remember the names!)
Blue Moon said…
Hello! Dear,

I read your post, its simply MARVELLOUS. I loved your technique of writing .

I would be looking forward to your responses on my blog, its:

Good luck for next posts………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Smiling Always……………..

Tickled pink said…
Manjari book pe bhi comment karo.We already know she is a marvellous writer.n yes, about the book, well.. there isn't any sex as compared to Sheldon's others.Its as usual gripping but not my favourite.Best was The Sky Is Fallling.ya for me.
Alexis. said…
I've read few books of Sidney Sheldon... but I really dint like Bloodline.
My faves by him are Rage of Angels & Tell Me Your Dreams.

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