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aIn regards to the recent amends proposed by our education minister Mr.kapil sibal....scrapping off the class tenth boards is not a right step.the argument that doing so would reduce stress for children is wrong at its very we really need to reduce stress for our children instead of expecting them to learn to deal positively with it??shouldn't we expect them to at least be serious towards their careers at this point of their or 16 years of age??cant we instead counsel our children with the help of their teachers to curb the problem of suicides?more over we should also prevent any kind of comparison between children.this would help further.cutting down pressure would just hamper their personality far as the university cut-offs are concerned..removing the boards is not the answer..encouraging these universities to hold entrance tests and interviews is.besides boards serve as a kind of scale for children to know as to where they stand academically in the country and this in turn serves as a kind of guide which helps them to decide which stream they should opt for ie:arts,science or commerce.and when our country is witnessing a note worthy increase in number of successful Indians all across the world then why do we need to change the education system which has made us what we are today??its useless and totally uncalled for.instead of doing this,we should concentrate on the major problems mentioned above and find the "target remedies" for them.thus,in a nutshell,we should HIT THE TARGET AND NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH.

- Ankeita Bharadwaj.
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